Corso DPO

Private sector

Giuseppe Galgano


UNI 11697: 2017 DPO certified (DPO register of AICQ SICEV, with number 13) and UNI EN 17024: 2012 (DPO register of KHC srl with number 1900) certified, he provides advice to organizations in the field of Protection of Personal Data.

He has supported large, medium and small public and private organizations in the following sectors:
– local authorities, municipal companies and schools;
– e-commerce, health, pharmaceutical, social, distribution, training, services, non-profit.

Alongside technical preparation, strong analytical, relationship and management skills he involves all the staff (from the board to the most operational figures), to bring out the specific needs (even latent ones) and to shape the most appropriate management solutions for the particularity of each organization followed.

DPO in charge of various organizations, trainer on the Data Protection topic (also at certification bodies for which he also acts as commissioner for the issue of certifications in the privacy field) and speaker at conferences.

Coordinator of the DPO-Data Protection Group of Federmanager Rome. The Group: spreads culture on the subject of Personal Data Protection; supports the companies of associated colleagues on Data Protection issues; participated in the drafting of the Code of Conduct DPMS 44001: 2016 ©, submitted to the Data Protection Authority in July 2016.

Author of articles on the subject and co-author of the text “The certification of Data Protection” – Freni Angelo Editore. Founding partner of privacyinchiaro S.r.l., a company specialized in services for organizations in the field of Data Protection.

Certifications / Qualifications

– Data Protection Officer and Privacy Consultant
– Data Protection Auditor / Lead Auditor – DPMS 44001: 2016 © Data Protection Management System
– AXELOS M_o_R® (2010) Foundation – APMG Internation
– Privacy Implementer PECB-CLPI ISO29100 ™

Relevant skills

Manager with over 25 years of experience in commercial accounting gained in national and multinational private structures, operating on different public and private markets (telecommunications, healthcare, business services, insurance, industrial, ICT). All the positions held allowed him to specialize the skills in: management and governance of negotiations and relationships with customers; design and implementation of organizational solutions; creation and management of work teams and complex projects.

Relevant experience gained in training processes, carried out through the design of interventions, classroom activities, on-the-job training and continuous improvement techniques, carried out both in the realities where he worked and in private universities.