Before visiting our site, please read carefully the following warnings:

1) Premises
The portal is a portal of informative nature.
The navigation of this website is governed by the conditions of use hereby described.
Users, both business and private, who browse this site are subjected to the present general Terms and Conditions and modalities of use.
The navigation in this site constitutes an acceptance of the present general Terms and Conditions. The user who does not agree with the general Terms and Conditions and modalities of use of the portal in their whole or does not understand them, should not proceed to the use of the portal

The navigation on the portal is free, except for the costs of telephony or any other kind necessary for the connection to the network, which are the responsibility of the User.
For the purpose of this General Terms and Conditions:

– For “User” is taken to mean the subject that receives the services offered by the Internet site, whether limits itself to consult the webpages and the information therein inserted, or interacts inserting comments and/or using any areas reserved to register users;
– With the term “Owner of the Service” it clearly indicates Associazione Data Protection Officer (ASSO DPO), in the person of President pro tempore Matteo Colombo, with an address for service in Via G. Frua n. 16 – 20146 Milano;
– The terms “Portal” and “Site” are, regarding this General Terms and Conditions, to be considered synonyms.

The Owner of the Service reserves the right to make changes, even significant, to the present General Terms and Conditions at any time, letting the users know through a publication on the present site. When accessing the next time in the abovementioned amendment, implies the full acceptance of the new General Terms and Conditions of use by the user.
In the text below are mentioned terms purely computerised, commonly recognised and with an univocal meaning that, until contrary expressed, are assumed known and understood by the User.

2) User’s Duties
The User who is navigating on this portal should ensure to be in compliance with the basic principles of security (e.g. antivirus, firewall, etc.).
The User is required to benefit from the present website and the services offered from the Owner in the precise and constant respect for the law, public order and morality (including customary rules related to the so-called Netiquette) and as established in the present General Terms and Conditions.
The User who harms the Owner of the Service as a result of breach of these Conditions or the violation of laws, regulations or similar acts, will be called upon to compensate the Owner of the Service in the appropriate courts.

In any case is expressly forbidden to the user:
a) to disseminate illegal material, abusive, defamatory, offensive, threatening, vulgar, obscene;
b) to transmit material that encourages conducts contrary to existing regulations, codes of conduct or similar;
c) to make unauthorized access to other computer networks, to interfere with the use of sites by third parties, to violate any law or regulation concerning the use of the public telecommunications networks;
d) to interfere or somehow damage or restrict networks or web sites linked to sites or connected thereto;
e) to make, transmit or store electronic copies of material property of the Owner of the Service, without authorisation;
f) to introduce on the personal or commercial Sites link to the portal, without authorization.
3) Portal’s Use: Social Network
The registered user on Social Network sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) which intends to share comments, tweets or photographs on the Social pages of the Owner of the Service, accepts that these messages / uploads are also shared on this portal. The user that interacts with the Social pages of the Owner of the Service must comply with the rules of conduct and the conditions of use of the service dictated by the Social’s Manager. In every case, the file uploads / links / images / messages etc., will have to comply with the prohibition using f oppressive, threatening, defamatory, offensive, obscene, pathetic expressions. Proceeding to the loading of the aforementioned content the User assumes all responsibility of the content reported therein.
4) Portal’s Use: Costumer’s Desk
The Owner of the Service, in accordance to art. 2 paragraph 4 of the Law n. 4/2013 in favour of citizens and consumers, as well as within the meaning of Article 27-ter of the Code of Consumption, referred to in Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, n. 206, provides the user with the ability to obtain information related to the professional activities in general and to the standards of quality required for subscribers, and to report any complaints in the event of a dispute with the individual professionals, through the so-called “Costumer’s Desk” usable in the appropriate section of the site. The user may exercise its rights by filling in a form, or in the event of possible temporary non-operation of the form, by sending a communication to the email address indicated in section.

5) Obligations, services guarantees and disclaimers of the Owner of the Service
The Owner of the Service undertakes to provide the user with the usability of this website and the services offered therein, as well as the communication instruments (e.g. social) connected thereto, supervising the implementation compatibly with the current state of development tools.
The services provided do not include the provision of a computer or other equipment necessary to access the Site. The internet connection is responsibility of the User. The site is available without the release of any guarantee or specific license and the user who uses it assumes all risks related to the use of Internet and computer applications (hardware and software).
The Owner of the Service does not respond for any damage and/or loss and/or malfunctions and/or prejudices of any kind that may arise to the electronic processor of the User from the use of the service by the same delivered, nor for any contamination of the computer system arising from the access, the interconnection, the discharge of the material and computer programs from the site (e.g. viruses or evil codes); therefore the related costs of repair/recovery shall be construed to be borne by the user.
In particular the holder of the service declines all responsibility for:
a) incompatibility of the site with the equipment, software and telecommunications links available to the User;
b) technical problems including errors or interruptions of the site;
c) the attacks suffered by the User during navigation (for example viruses, malware)
d) damage on the equipment/computer software that the user uses for navigation.

The Owner of the Service also reserves the right to modify, add/ or delete parts of the site without obligation of prior notice, in addition to the right to temporarily or indefinitely suspend, in whole or in part, the publication.
The Owner of the Service is not responsible for any use of this website and the services therein offered made by the user or by third parties in violation of the law, morality or public order, or dissimilar than prescribed by the present conditions of use.
The Owner of the Service has the faculty to use links to third party websites to make accessible services offered to users; however, the Owner of the Service does not exercise any control over the links to these websites and their content, and is not responsible for the content – possibly illegal – of these sites directly or indirectly connected.
Only the manager of the page to which the link refers is responsible for any content that is illegal, incorrect or incomplete of this page and, in particular, of any damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information contained in them. Contrarily there is no liability of the Owner of the Service that only inserts, in its own site, a link to another site.
The access to the Site may be subject to temporary interruptions due to repairs, maintenance or for the inclusion of new tools and services. Will be responsibility of the Owner of the service to restore service in the shortest possible time.

6) Protection of personal data and use of Cookies
The provision of personal data by the User is regulated in accordance with the most recent regulatory sources: EU Reg. 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Italian Data Protection Code) as amended by Legislative Decree no. 101/2018; in compliance with the indications of Italian Data Protection Authority (Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali). Please refer to the Privacy Policy on the site, as well as the Cookie Policy that regulates the use of Cookies by the site itself.

7) Industrial and intellectual property rights

This website is protected by the legislation in force in Italy in the field of industrial property and copyright.
All content on this website, such as – purely by way of example and not exclusive – texts, images, graphics, icons, logos, trademarks, digital downloads, collected data, software, video, data sheets are the exclusive property of the Owner of the Service or partners or third parties who have authorised the Owner of the service to their use.

The use of this Site does not provide for the grant of licenses or authorisations for the use of the content on this site as (provides exemplary list but not exclusive) graphics, icons, logos, images, digital downloads, collected data, software, video, datasheets. It is forbidden to the User to copy, publish, distribute, transmit, save, duplicate, reproduce, forward and/or otherwise make available, anything published on the website, except in the cases where this will be expressly provided in the site.

8) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
The law applicable to relations arising from the use of this website and the use of the services offered is the Italian law. The General Terms and Conditions of use indicated here must be interpreted in the light and in compliance with rules in force of the Italian law.
In the event of a breach by the user of the General Terms and Conditions of use, the Owner of the Service will have the right to avail itself of the judicial actions to protect his rights in accordance with the regulations in force.
The use of the services provided by the Owner of the Service through the Web Site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions issued by means of the present terms of use.

9)Final Provisions
The premises are an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of use of this Portal.
The present legal notes are an integral part of the site in which they are located. The possible invalidity, disability, total or partial, of individual parts of these legal notes does not deprive themselves of validity or effectiveness of the remaining parts of the legal notes themselves.
For everything not expressly stated in these legal notes, reference should be made to the provisions of the Civil Code and regulations on national territory, including regulations and any other act having regulatory force.

Update date: 18 April 2017