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Any website needs to collect certain basic information on its users in order to work properly. Consequently, a website creates/installs files known as cookies – which are small text files – on its users’ computers. These cookies may perform different functions and may be designed with different features. Cookies can be created both by the manager website that you are visiting and by third parties.

Here below you’ll find all the due information related to cookies created by this website, together with the instructions to manage your cookie preferences.
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Cookies created by this website
Cookie policy is included in the privacy policy – issued by Data Controller, Associazione Data Protection Officer (ASSODPO), P.Le Principessa Clotilde 6 – 20121 Milano (MI).  For any further details about such privacy policy please click here ».

Strictly necessary cookies that do not require the user’s prior consent:

Such cookies are essential to browse and navigate the website and use its features. Specifically, this website creates a technical session cookie aimed at storing the acceptance of cookies policy by the user in order to prevent that the banner push up notice continues to appear on occasion of any future visits.

  • PHPSESSID (session cookie) allows the website to identify the user’s status and the logged in users. Such cookie is valid during the current session and expires when the user’s browser is closed;
  • PPL stores the language preferences set by the user. It lasts 365 days.

All the strictly necessary cookies do not require the user’s prior consent, that is why they are automatically created on the user’s device when browsing the website.

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Last update: June 06, 2018