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Raffaele Barberio

Presidente Privacy Italia

Journalist, Founder and Editor in Chief of Key4Biz

Founder and Editor in Chief of Key4biz ( since 2001, the online newspaper specialized in Telecommunications, Media, and Internet. 

A degree in Sociology at University of Rome. Fellow at Centre de Sociologie Urbaine (Paris), Polytechnic of Central London and Goldsmith’s College (London). Between 1995-2000, he worked in Finsiel Spa as Head of Projects on Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries, in Sidac Spa (IRI-Stet Group).

From I989 to 1993, he was General Manager of CEMEI, the Multimedia and Electronic Interactive Publishing Consortium, formed by RAI, STET and PHILIPS. 

He was worked as a consultant for many institutions and enterprises on topics related with development, market and services on television and telecommunications. Author of many articles, books and analysis of national and international specialized press and communications, including “L’Europa delle Televisioni” 1989-’92; Edizioni Il Mulino; “L’antenna promessa”- 1984; and Edizioni ERI; “Le dinamiche del broadcasting” 1986 Edizioni RAI.