Corso DPO

Cyber security

Paolo Golinucci


Insurance Agency UAP Cesena – attorney
Insurance Broker – insurance consultancy in GOLINUCCI srl Cesena – administrator
Privacy Consultancy in compliance with the GDPR – European Regulation EU 679/2016
Freelance journalist on insurance matters: over 200 articles published in Corriere della Sera
Bancassurance agreement with Carisp Cesena for the distribution of pension insurance products at 35 branches and management of personnel training courses
Preparation of a bank-insurance agreement for Credito Fondiario Trento
Participation in seminars and conferences on pension funds and health insurance funds
Participation in risk management courses
Founding partner and director of a global business consulting company, together with 9 other professionals in the accounting, financial, management and IT sectors.
Specialization in insurance coverage for private hospitals, health facilities, doctors and participation in annual conferences such as the “Risk Management of Health”
Creation of an agreement for the insurance coverage of 5,000 banks, relating to the risks of professional civil liability, including the violation of privacy, according to current regulations.
Creation of an agreement for professional indemnity insurance for about 1200 health professionals, including liability for violation of privacy, according to current regulations; updated in 2018 on the basis of Law 24/17.
Creation of an agreement for the professional civil liability insurance of the DPO, Data Protection Officer, a new professional figure introduced in Italy by the GDPR, European Regulation on Personal Data Processing
Creation of an insurance agreement with CYBER RISK, to protect against the risks of Civil Liability for Data Breach from hacker attack, human error, in addition to coverage of own damages suffered for phising activities, ramsomware, digital identity theft and damages to the information system.
Collaboration with cybersecurity companies for offers ENCRYPTION FILES tools – ENCRYPTION EMAIL – FILES SHARING – PASSWORD MANAGEMENT – DCP-DRP in compliance with art. 32 GDPR.