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Nicola Vanin

Data Governance & Information Security Senior Manager, TIM | Italy

Data Governance & Information Security Manager, Auditor, AI Counsel at TIM.

Responsible for developing and delivering strategies to raise the general level of awareness of Information Technology, Security through and 5G:

  • Implementation and monitoring of all Cyber Awareness initiatives and trainings
  • Manage and coordinate all different data Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • Define the Budget ICT with particular attention to the adoption of logic of efficiency and cost containment
  • Implementation of 5G and AI technology Projects

He is also committed to developing and delivering an End-to-End Framework for “Internal Algorithmic Auditing AI” to add a layer of high quality assurance to companies launching AI projects

Proven competencies in a number of IT-risk-related disciplines including:

  • Compliance Legislative Decree 101 GDPR Directive UE 2016/679
  • Directive PSDII
  • Directive NIS
  • Information Security Standard (ISO/IEC 27001,ISO 9001,OHSAS1800, COBIT, NIS)
  • Cybersecurity, Business Continuity Management, Security audit (internal and third parties), Corporate security, Digital Forensics, Cloud Security
  • Certificate UNI 10459:2017 Gestione del rischio – Cindynics CERSA