Nuove Linee Guida sul GDPR

A ottobre 2017 sono state emesse da parte di ARTICLE 29 | DATA PROTECTION WORKING PARTY le linee guida  su alcuni istituti fondamentali della riforma della normativa privacy | GDPR Reg. (UE) 2016/679 ed in particolare:

Guidelines on Automated individual decision-making and Profiling for the purposes of Regulation 2016/679 20| Adopted on 3 October 17;

Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and determining whether processing is “likely to result in a high risk” for the purposes of Regulation 2016/679 | Adopted on 4 April 2017 | As last Revised and Adopted on 4 October 2017;

Guidelines on Personal Data Breach notification under Regulation 2016/679 | Adopted on 3 October 2017.


photo credit: thedescrier GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation via photopin (license)