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Public administration

Andrea Avanzo


Dr. Andrea Avanzo, co-founder of Renorm Srl, a company operating in the field of compliance on the subject of  and of which he is still the CEO

Degree in Law from the University of Trento

TUV certified Privacy Consultant (CDP) and expert trainer in privacy matters

After the course of study and the attainment of the Degree in Law, undertake the path of forensic practice

Subsequently, in 2011, the opportunity arose to be part of the consultant team of a company in Bolzano, operating in the privacy and personal data processing sector. In a few years he became responsible for consulting services

From 2017 he embarked on a new professional path, then founding in 2020 together with his colleague and partner Enrico Maggi, the company Renorm Srl based in Bolzano

At the head of a team of consultants, over the years he has followed private companies and public administrations

Former DPO at public bodies as well as for important companies in the South Tyrolean area

Member of the Bolzano City district committee for Assoimprese Alto Adige, with the task of representing South Tyrolean companies at the local institutional level