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ASSO DPO & IAPD: Italy vs. Brazil DPO meeting

ASSO DPO works alongside privacy professionals not only in Europe, but also in extra EU countries.

Today in the ASSO DPO branch of Milan, the President of the ASSO DPO Association, Matteo Colombo, and the President of the newly formed Instituto Avançado de Proteção de Dados and Segurança da Informação IAPD (Brazil), Cíntia Rosa met.

During the meeting, the respective presidents discussed the possibility of networking between Italian and Brazilian DPOs and making partnerships and professional training in the field. In fact, in Brazil the new national privacy regulation (LGPD) will be applied shortly.

The ASSO DPO president shared with the Brazilian Association important advice for privacy professionals, exploring issues related to challenges and opportunities outside the EU.

ASSO DPO is on the side of Europe’s largest and most important companies in our sector as a member of the International CEDPO Association (Confederation of European Data Protection Organizations). For several years, the Association has been actively contributing to the achievement of the association’s goals, precisely through networking, working closely with stakeholders to increase the level of attention on the profession of privacy and data protection officer.

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